To See Lives Changed

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who ride rollercoasters and those who stand at the bottom and hold the drinks. For those who do dare to ride, you’d be familiar with the uphill start that most rollercoasters have and the “click” “click” “click” sound they make as they lock into each new section of the track. The “clicks” continue as you ascend, then there’s a small bit of forward momentum, and finally you are completely released to experience the full thrill of the coaster.

That’s the image I’ve had in my heart regarding our church and future.

That God has been taking us through each new “click”, each new season, each new moment as he prepares to fully release us into the destiny He has for us. We can feel the anticipation for what lies ahead and our passion to see more lives changed building within us.

2 Corinthians 4:18 says that the things that are seen are temporary and so instead we should fix our eyes on that which is unseen and eternal. It’s an interesting concept to think that you can fix your “eyes” on something unseen.

But the scriptures are speaking about “the eyes of your heart” or spiritual sight, which is faith.

So we choose to fix our faith-eyes on that which is unseen.

That which God has revealed to our hearts about his goodness and our future. We choose to live as those who are aware of a greater reality, a fuller meaning, a deeper purpose. We choose to live sacrificially, pioneering a way for those who will come after us, making much of Jesus, seeing lives changed.

We’re always going to be a big-spirited Church.

We’re always going to give more than we have.

We’re always going to attempt the impossible.

We’re always going to laugh at the day that is to come.

Want to get involved with us as we move forward? 

Here’s what you can do…

1. Give Financially

We will always have more vision than resource. Partner with us as we share the hope of Jesus with our city and see lives changed. Here are are giving details (Ref: H4TH2018):

FNB Cheque Account
Branch Code: 250655

2.  Join the Team

We want each person in our church to discover their destiny and make a difference. We have a course designed to help you start on your journey with us as you move into new levels of effectiveness for God. To sign up for the Discover Your Destiny course starting Sunday 5 November 2017 after the morning service, email

3. Pray with Us

We will be hosting a special time of prayer and fasting from 6 – 26 November. Join as we enlarge our faith and trust God boldly for 2018! Guidelines will be available soon.

Here’s to more lives touched and changed in 2018!